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Barista Bar

Our barista team is looking forward to start your day. We serve handcrafted coffee specialties.

Barista & Juice Bar

Mo.- Fr. 7- 10 a.m. Weekends 8- 11 a.m.

Butter Croissant - Our fresh-baked Croissants are traditionally made from imported French A.O.P. butter (Appellation d'Origine Protégée). Enjoy the authentic patisserie taste that none of us can resist. (D,M,Q) (Vegetarian) 1,60 EUR

Pain au Chocolat - When you’re in the mood for something a bit more indulgent, our delicious Pain au Chocolat is surely the perfect Viennoiserie. We bake our pastries fresh daily using exclusively imported French A.O.P. butter (Appellation d'Origine Protégée).

(D,M,Q) (Vegetarian) 2,10 EUR

Juice - We juice our fruits by hand, one glass at a time, to insure maximum freshness.

Orange juice (Blood-orange juice in season) (Vegan) 3,80 EUR

Florida grapefruit juice (in season) (Vegan) 3,80 EUR

Heimbs Kaffee - For more than 130 years the Heimbs name has stood for the finest gourmet quality coffee roasted in the city of Braunschweig. All of our baristas are trained to make our Heimbs coffee drinks in the time-honored traditional manner using the finest hand-made equipment from La Marzocco. We never use robots. Every cup is ground from fresh beans just before brewing. 

Espresso (C) 1,90 EUR

Espresso Doppio (C) 3,40 EUR

Cappuccino (C,Q) 3,40 EUR

Americano (C) 3,40 EUR

Pot of fresh brewed coffee (C) 3,20 EUR

Café-au-Lait (C,Q) 4,80 EUR

Hot Chocolate (Q) 4,80 EUR

Teahouse Exclusives - These luxury teas come to us from Hamburg where the finest leaves from around the world are selected and packaged in spacious hand-stitched fleece bags that don’t crowd the tea and allow the flavors to fully develop. 

Choose from Earl Grey (C),

English Breakfast (C),

Assam (C),

Darleeling (C),

Jasmine (C),

Spiced Chai (C),

Peppermint, Chamomile,

Green Tea (C),

Sencha (C),

Panakela Oolong (C) 

Pot of tea (2 cups) 3,80 EUR

All prices are quoted in Euros inclusive of VAT.